Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kanta Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar

Tucked away in a carpark off Langford Avenue, is the little gem of a japanese restaurant that is Kanta. As the restaurant only caters for 20 dinners at a time, we recommend making a booking prior to your visit. 

Sashimi fanatics that M and i are, it was a close to immediate decision on our part to order the Sashimi Moriawase. Each slice was fresh,thick and chunky. Just wish it hadnt been as warm as it was when served. I also quite enjoyed that the chef garnished the dish with carrot ribbons instead of the standard daikon. At AUD$16, for 12 thick slices of sashimi, i really feel like it was a steal.

Next was the Twice cooked pork belly served with cabbage and beansprouts in miso stew. The pork belly was completely tender and so packed with flavor. And the stew.! Sweet by nature, the miso stew was made sweeter by the addition of the vegetables. It was painful that we could not finish the entire bowl and had to leave some soup behind as we were too full. I would definitely be coming back for more, especially when the weather gets colder! You know how it goes. Cold Weather, Hot Soup. 

The meal ended with the Gyutan (Ox Tongue) Steak and what a lot of tongue there was for just AUD$13.50! Cooked in red wine teriyaki sauce and seasoned with black pepper, toasted sesame seeds and chopped negi, i was surprised that the sauce was not as sweet as your standard teriyaki sauces. The gyutan was blush pink and perfectly cooked, except for a couple of pieces at the edge that were slightly overcooked, which is a common occurrence. The sheer bulk and the chewy nature of this cut of meat made this a tad difficult for us to conquer.

Impressed and beyond satisfied with this meal, M and i will definitely be back for more of Kanta's authentic japanese!


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