Sunday, 16 March 2014

Shoes for Spring/Summer 2014

Moving away from our usual favourites for shoes, such as Manolo Blahnik, Ferragamo and Louboutin, I have picked a few of my current favourite designers that I think are less heard of in the industry but slowly gaining their recognition and popularity among the celebs and fashionistas.

1.0 Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier is a French designer best known for his creation of the stiletto heel. 
  • Fun fact: Do you know stiletto actually means a knife or a dagger that is meant for stabbing in the 1400s?
Before venturing into his own label, he actually was the shoe designer behind Christian Dior from 1953 to 1963. The brand's iconic tile is the buckle-squared toe pumps. 

But the design that makes me fall in fall with this shoe designer is the new 'Virgule' ('comma') collection. 

This clean and sleek curved heel design was created by Mr. Vivier in 1963 and his current creative director, Bruno Frisoni, decided to put a modern twist to this classic design. 

'Virgule'- available at

On the side note, I'm really liking the small prismick patchwork bag from Roger Vivier as well. 

2.0 Sergio Rossi 

This is an Italian women's footwear specialist founded since 1966. The current creative director of Sergio Rossi, Francesco Russo, had created shoes for Miu Miu, Costume National and worked for YSL before joining Sergio Rossi. 

The fundamental spirit of this company revolves around amazing craftsmanship, feminine design without sacrificing comfort. 

My current obsession is this pair of golden accent filigree heels, which is featured in their new collection too. 
 FILIGREE- Sergio Rossi
Simply LOVE that golden heels! 

There are AT LEAST 120 steps involved before a pair of Sergio Rossi  heels can be placed in the shoe box and ready to be sold to those well deserving women! 

Check out the rest of the gold obsession collection and the leather mirror leaves sandals

3.0 Rene Caovilla 

There is a rich history behind the brand, Rene Caovilla. Edoardo Caovilla, Rene's father, was one of the first people to make shoes in Riviera del Brenta and his wife started embroidery on shoes in a small room. This room where Edorda and his wife use to work in is still preserved in the Rene Caovilla factory today. 

In 1950, Rene Caovilla returned home from London and Paris after his studies, he took over the family business in shoe making. He then married, Paolo, who is also in the footwear business. They started concentrating on high end evening shoes and collaborating with big fashion labels, such as Christian Dior and Chanel. 

 I am currently soooooo crazy about these pearl bow leather sandals

Look at those pretty pink pearls

They are also famous for creating jewels heels. Apparently in 2007, Harrods had to hire a live Egyptian cobra to guard their pair of shoes that was encrusted with ruby, sapphire and diamonds. 

I'm definitely crazy about this pair of red crystal spiral ankle wrap sandals from them, which looks just like their brand logo. 

Available at Bergdorf Goodman

Anyways, that's all I have for my current favourites for shoes. Leave a common down below and tell me which of these designers you like best or tell me who is your favourite designer. 

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Have an awesome week ahead. Xx!

ccmien =) 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Matilda Bay Restaurant

In light of finishing one of the busiest rotations of the year, General Medicine, and ending it on a very good note, I decided to take a mystery guest with me to Matilda Bay Restaurant.

Dress- Herve Lege, Bag- Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Bag
Heels- Heatwave 
Make up- Chanel and Lancome

Matilda Bay Restaurant is located at the banks of Swan River with one of the most magnificent views in Perth. And why do I love the restaurant so much?
  • They utilise fresh market seafood and local produce in their dishes 
  • They have an amazing wine list, including desserts in a glass
  • Despite being a fine dining restaurant, the atmosphere is friendly, relaxed yet tasteful. 

Bread to start with. 
It was soft with a crusty skin and they even warm up the bread before they serve it.
So, the salted butter will melt into that soft dough. 
Yummm. A bread monster like me could eat that all day, everyday! 

Entree no.1- Slowly cooked Linley Valley pork belly, served with horseradish coleslaw
The ratio of the fats and lean meat on that pork belly was simply perfect
Slow cooked to perfection. Just melts in your mouth. 
The citrus flavour of the coleslaw offsets the richness of the pork belly. 
8/10- because I think the coleslaw could do a little better in terms of flavours. Thou it offset the richness of the pork, it didn't give me that refreshing punch of flavours.

Entree no.2- Fried squid tubes that were marinated with green chilli, served with cannelloni puree and topped with smoked chorizo
Definitely preferred the squid over the pork.
Try dipping that crispy and spicy squid with some of that puree. 

Mains no1: Grilled WA crayfish with tomato, basil and Persian feta salad and charred lemon. 
Honestly, I was a little disappointed with this dish. 
I've tried the seafood trio (consists of crayfish, yabbies and tiger prawns) the last time I was at MBR, it was SOOOOOO much better. 
This crayfish was a little too rubbery for my liking. 
I had a difficult time trying to cut the flesh into segments and dine like a lady.
I was chewing and chewing it, but I still feel like I'm going to choke on it.
Nonetheless,  the cray cray was still fresh and I like how the chef did it with minimal seasoning. 
Would still recommend everyone to give it a go because I think I was just unlucky this time round. 
6.5/10- A tad bit overcooked

Mains no 2- 250g of Wagyu sirloin served with mushroom sauce
It was the perfect medium rare we were looking for. 
That piece of beef is so juicy. You can get more juice out of it than a slice of watermelon
Mushroom sauce was simply the icing on the cake
9/10- because I thought the edges were too well done. Making the first bite disappointing.
Other than that, that's one of the better steaks I've had in Perth and I'm usually not a big fan of steaks. 

Desserts: Banana brioche pudding, pineapple puree and coconut ice cream
Thou we were sooo full, the desserts still managed to impress us. 
The pudding was warm and rich but not sickening because of the pineapple puree
That coconut ice cream was not too creamy and I simply love how generous they are with the desiccated coconut. Tasted so real and rustic without any artificial flavourings. 
They should make this a permanent item on the menu! 

Overall, I had a delightful experience at MBR. The service was fantastic. The waiter even cleaned our table with this little metal thing(to pick up bread crumbs) in between courses. And were super observant  and re-fill our glasses when we are about to ran out of water. 

Thanks to Perth Entertainment book, we managed to get the bill down from $200 to $150. So, if you have the entertainment book, it's definitely worth dining at MBR! 

My belly was truly happy. 
Night everyone! 

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kanta Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar

Tucked away in a carpark off Langford Avenue, is the little gem of a japanese restaurant that is Kanta. As the restaurant only caters for 20 dinners at a time, we recommend making a booking prior to your visit. 

Sashimi fanatics that M and i are, it was a close to immediate decision on our part to order the Sashimi Moriawase. Each slice was fresh,thick and chunky. Just wish it hadnt been as warm as it was when served. I also quite enjoyed that the chef garnished the dish with carrot ribbons instead of the standard daikon. At AUD$16, for 12 thick slices of sashimi, i really feel like it was a steal.

Next was the Twice cooked pork belly served with cabbage and beansprouts in miso stew. The pork belly was completely tender and so packed with flavor. And the stew.! Sweet by nature, the miso stew was made sweeter by the addition of the vegetables. It was painful that we could not finish the entire bowl and had to leave some soup behind as we were too full. I would definitely be coming back for more, especially when the weather gets colder! You know how it goes. Cold Weather, Hot Soup. 

The meal ended with the Gyutan (Ox Tongue) Steak and what a lot of tongue there was for just AUD$13.50! Cooked in red wine teriyaki sauce and seasoned with black pepper, toasted sesame seeds and chopped negi, i was surprised that the sauce was not as sweet as your standard teriyaki sauces. The gyutan was blush pink and perfectly cooked, except for a couple of pieces at the edge that were slightly overcooked, which is a common occurrence. The sheer bulk and the chewy nature of this cut of meat made this a tad difficult for us to conquer.

Impressed and beyond satisfied with this meal, M and i will definitely be back for more of Kanta's authentic japanese!


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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Piccolo's Corner

If you happen to be following us on instagram, you would know that we ADORE Piccolo's Corner. Situated in West Leederville's housing estate, the cafe was actually the owner's grandmother's house. 

Revamped and redecorated, with both an inside and outside courtyard, Piccolo's Corner is a lovely place to unwind and enjoy a warm, robust, home-cooked breakfast. 

Smashed pumpkin, Danish feta, wilted spinach with added bacon on toasted ciabatta with pesto and poached egg. 
Words do not describe our flavorful and delicious this dish is. Every single time that i have visited this joint, i HAVE to order this. I am a massive fan of Piccolo's Corner's intensely fragrant homemade pasta. I love how cleverly the natural sweetness of the pumpkin is offset by the salty bacon and feta. Every bite is a party in my mouth. That's my type of a wake me up.

Smashed pea and avocado with smoked salmon on toasted ciabatta, topped with balsamic glaze, lime and poached egg. 
I LOVE AVOCADO. There was no chance in the world that i would not order this dish. I loved how the lime and the balsamic glaze cut through the smashed pea and avocado. I couldnt really taste the smokiness of the salmon though, which was the only con in the dish. But how gorgeous does it look?

Berry Polenta cake, served with a dollop of cream and iced coffee.
This was my first time trying polenta cake, and i love it. Apparently a family recipe, i am dying to get my hands on this recipe. I had expected polenta cake to be a bit more crumbly and dry, but this cake was incredibly moist and lovely. I feel like Piccolo's Corner has got food flavor balance down to a fine art, with the tangy berry layer and the cream. 

Another thing i am completely fascinated with is how mismatched Piccolo's Corner is. From the decoration, to the chairs and tables, to the very plates you eat on. Its like a treasure chest. Unfortunately, i dont have any pictures of the lovely courtyard, but do visit for yourself. It will be a feast for both the eyes and the belly. 

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Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

Having read the rave reviews of many a blogger, xielijuu and i were pumped to try out Franco's. On multiple of our IS Donburi runs, we had studied the menu and promised ourselves that we would come try it out one day. When dinner plans on Roe street were abruptly changed, our opportunity arose and as luck would have it, we immediately found a table at the center of the Spaghetti Bar.

Our army of 3 trooped in and made our order of 4 small servings of pasta with military precision. Why oh why did we not pay attention to dinewhitme 's advice of starting off with the antipasto and ending it with the tiramisu. WE WERE GREEDY. Guilty as charged. We were keen to try a bit of everything on the menu.

On the way in, we had noticed that many tables had yet to be served. We remained undeterred, but every time the wait staff walked by with bowls of pasta, my heart died a little. After 30 minutes of hell, our pasta was served.

Unfortunately these were the only photos i was able to take before we began inhaling the pasta. 

We had the Guanciale Carbonara - Cured pigs cheek, parmasan and pecorino cheese which came with pasta instead of penne. While many had adored this dish, i found myself underwhelmed. I found the sauce too watery and bland. The saving grace was the cured pigs cheek that was intensely salty and gave punch to an otherwise bordering tasteless dish.

The Porco Rosso - Italian tomato sugo and traditional pork sausage. I wish there were a stronger tomato flavor to this dish. i honestly was underwhelmed. I was thankful for the salt and pepper shakers provided on the table, which would be put to good use. 

Kale Pesto - Kale and lemon pesto with pine nuts, pecorino cheese and cacciatore sausage. Now this one was not that bad. With a bit more olive oil and garlic, i could be persuaded. However, our very own xielijuu is capable of a more flavorful version than this. Do leave a comment if you are interested in his recipe, im sure he can be persuaded to share.

Squid in Vino - Baby squid, chickpeas and white wine. Now this was the crowdpleaser. For all the negative comments i had about the other 3 dishes, this one made up for. Heck i would go back for this one. Generous amounts of baby squid and chickpeas every forkful, this dish was well seasoned and delightful. Definitely a winner.

Perhaps it had been a long night and the staff were under high stress and overwhelmed. But the waitstaff were completely lovely and friendly, the prices extremely reasonable and every single strand of pasta served was cooked perfectly al dente. Which brings me to another point, wouldnt you expect a place specializing in pasta to make their own pasta??

Either way, comment down below and tell me what you think.

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Pleased To Meet You

The great procrastinators that we are, we've successfully to post absolutely nothing since our first post in august last year. We have instead focused our attention to instagram.
As such, we have developed a huge backlog, and we are determined to start posting on our blog.

Lets start with our most recent trip to Pleased To Meet You on 38 Roe Street in Northbridge.
Having heard that PTMY was one of Clint Nolan's joints ( Harvest, La Choita), the expectations were high.
Despite the choice of seating at long communal tables or counter seats, PTMY is always pretty crowded. I can completely understand why, with the hipster setting, the friendly wait staff, the wide range of drinks and the amazing food.

An adorable place where even the wall tiles smile

For starters, we had the Watermelon Salad. With cubes of watermelon, cucumber and goats curd atop a bed of rocket and coriander, it was perfectly fresh and suited for hot summer nights. I loved the crunch of fried shallots as well. To be honest, i am not one for the bitter taste of coriander in my salad but my supper companions had no complaints. 

The ground rump burger that followed was lovely as well. Not out of this world amazing but a burger is always a good idea. Especially with buttery buttery bread, melted flowing cheese and them pickles.

200g of Roast Suckling Pig. Incredibly moist and juicy. So well done. I was a bit disappointed that our serving did not come with the chimichurri sauce though, but what a lovely sight for greedy eyes.

The best part of the meal, unanimously voted by my companions and i. The Pulled Pork Slider. The tangy pickled cabbage with the hint of spice from the pork was perfection. I foresee myself coming back and ordering this every week. Do yourself a favor and try it.

Smores. Because who can say no to toasted marshmellows. Which were lovely. Can't say it was the best dessert or particularly mindblowing, but nice way to end the night. 

We also had the tiki puka bowl, which our waitress said would be equivalent to 4 servings. More like 8 servings! Unfortunately, the taste of rum was quite subdued and you couldnt really taste the dark and light rum in there. But for $30 for 8 servings, you get what you pay for. Even if it is 8 mocktails. 8 pretty mocktails.

**Since our first visit, xielijuu has returned for more and has vouched for the taste of the Hot and Sour Mussels and the Duck Tacos.

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Monday, 12 August 2013


Bound together by the love of food, fashion and all things whimsical, mariandaspeshochild, Claryfairyy, xielijuu and CCmien came together and 

TheHungryDinoSaw was created.


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Most people know me as Crystal or Chang mien.
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Beauty junkie at all times.

Insatiable by nature, us Dinos are ALWAYS hungry. Be it for food, fashion, toys, parties or travel.
Live voraciously through us. We totally encourage it.